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Can one hear the shape of a graph?

主 讲 人 :王卫    教授


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In1966,Kac asked a famaous question: “Can one hear the shape of a drum?”. This means,can two drums made of the same material, produce the same sound. An analogue ofKac’s question in graph theory is “Can one hear the shape of a graph?”. Thisquestion originates from Chemistry in 1956. Mathematically, a graph G is saidto be determined by its spectrum (DS for short), if any graph having the samespectrum as G is isomorphic to G.  “Whichgraphs are determined by their spectrum?” is a fundamental question thespectral graph theory. It has attracted a lot of attention of researchers inrecent years. Are almost all graphs DS, are almost all graph non-DS, or isneiter true?In talk talk, I shall present some of our work towards answering theabove question.


王卫,西安交通大学教授、博士生导师。1991年在浙江大学获学士学位,分别于1994年及2006年在西安交通大学获硕士及博士学位。主要研究领域为代数图论与组合最优化。在图谱理论的研究中对图的广义谱刻画问题做出了一些原创性的工作,在组合优化领域中对一些NP-困难组合优化问题设计出了一些好的近似算法。目前在J. Combin. Theory, Ser B, European J. Combin., 以及IEEE/ACM Transactions系列等刊物上发表研究论文60余篇。主持完成国家自然科学基金面上和省部级项目多项。

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